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To those who wish to study Arabic,

Do not waste your time asking how to do this and how to do that. Instead, ask who successfully did it and then follow them. From Print to Practice presents to you the Arabic course that has years of progress and successful results. As it is said, “The proof is in the pudding”. The Beneficial Fundamentals in Learning the Arabic Language is the Arabic course distinguished from others. Aside from the fact that it was taught at the renowned Islamic school in Damaaj, Yemen, there are factors which make this book stand out. Some of which are related to the book and others are related to the author. This book was meticulously designed to correct the deficiencies found in many of the books that teach Arabic. Thus, this book is distinguished with the following:


This book teaches one topic thoroughly before starting another. All the chapters are titled with the lesson being taught and are arranged specifically to promote gradual development.


It also contains an abundance of vocabulary words including pronouns, nouns, verbs, and phrases to enrich the speaking and comprehension skills of each student. All of which are illustrated to the student in useful and constructive sentences with multiple examples, making Arabic practical for the student to implement and comprehend.


This is the overall objective of this course. Thus, it does not burden beginner students with that which does not benefit them, such as the rules of grammar. Additionally, it does not present an array of vocabulary words, void of practical usage in constructive sentences.

Year of Progress

Book one of this series was completed in 2008 although its content was taught in Damaaj, for years until the book was formulated. In 2014, when the students parted with Damaaj, the author, taught the book free of charge in the Capitol city of Sana’a. As a result, over 120 classes were recorded and posted on the internet and for the first time, Muslims outside of Yemen began to benefit from the book and learn Arabic. These classes are still available online for all to benefit from. You will find the link in the description.

Throughout the years, the book continued to progress. In the year of 2018, by the permission of Allah, it was published in America in paperback and the classes were once again taught free of charge and posted online. People have not ceased benefiting from these classes. They are posted on YouTube under the title of the book, The Beneficial Fundamentals in Learning the Arabic Language.
As for the author, from among all those who teach Arabic in the world, he has the privilege to teach from the book he wrote for the purpose of simplifying Arabic for the non-Arabs. Further, he is a learned student who has memorized the Qur’an and studied Islam for over 20 years. He has been teaching Islam in America for the past three years and has numerous speeches, classes and lectures which can be found online.

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About the Author

With over 20 years of experience in studying and teaching Islam and the Arabic language, Abu Rayhana Abdul-Hakim Kamil has authored the 5 part Arabic course entitled “The Beneficial Fundamentals in Learning The Arabic Language” with the goal of enabling students across the globe to become proficient in the Arabic language.

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The Beneficial Fundamentals in Learning The Arabic Language

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