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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

7 Rajab 1445

19 January 2024

All praise is due to Allah, From Print to Practice is honored to announce the registration for the upcoming class in Book II of “The Beneficial Fundamentals in Learning the Arabic Language.”  We apologize for the delay, however, completing the book, as well as the editing and formatting, took far more time than anticipated. This class of Book II no doubt has prerequisites. It is primarily for those who studied Book I or are at least familiar with the conjugation of verbs in the past, present/future, and command tenses. From Print to Practice is committed to teaching you Arabic with proficiency and we are more than eager to continue helping you pursue your goal of grasping a command of this blessed language. Although we cannot guarantee success for anyone, we ask Allah for His continued aid and assistance, indeed in His hands is all good. We strongly encourage you to be diligent in your studies. With the permission of Allah, we expect to begin our classes within three weeks. We will be studying for the PDF which we made available to all students. Our classes are scheduled to be 5 days a week after the Ishaa prayer approximately 7pm eastern standard time from Saturday to Thursday We plan to begin on February 3, 2024. Further details of the class will be posted on our blog concerning the printing of the book and the online classes. The PDF will be given to those who register for the class and fulfill the prerequisites. Those interested in studying book II must go to our website and register for the class.

Your brother,

Abu Rayhana

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  1. جزآك الله خيرا
    Looking forward for resumption of our classes

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With over 20 years of experience in studying and teaching Islam and the Arabic language, Abu Rayhana Abdul-Hakim Kamil has authored the 5 part Arabic course entitled “The Beneficial Fundamentals in Learning The Arabic Language” with the goal of enabling students across the globe to become proficient in the Arabic language.

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